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General Electric NX-1208E - Clavier a LED

Clavier a LED NX-1208E

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GE offers a variety of keypads for NetworX security systems, all designed with functionality in mind. They blend with virtually any decor. GE NetworX keypads feature easy to read information displays, emergency keys and simple to use function keys.

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  • Clavier a LED NX-1208E
Fiches Techniques : 

NX-1208E à LED clavier from GE Security which consists of a stay/away/night mode design, a white color, and a non-removable door that swings right. The NX-1208E LED keypad comes with 8 zones, an ABS plastic construction, a 1 gang rough-in box size, plus a NetworX technical support check for a current compatibility with all NX series, and a 55 to 130 mA nominal current draw. This excellent quality LED keypad has status lights indication for the operating system, is a simple and easy product to use, and includes features that will suit security systems of different lifestyles.

Caractéristiques Techniques :

SKU : NX-1208E
Manufacturer : GE Security
Zones : 8
Type : Hardwired
Video Keypads : Alphanumeric
Special : Stay/Away/Night Mode
Dimensions : 4.5W x 5.0H x 0.9D
Compatible : Check with NetworX Technical Support for current compatibility

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